The Most Common Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

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The Most Common Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

Summer is the prime time of year to complete all your outstanding landscaping projects and make your yard look its absolute best. However, there are a lot of steps to this process, and it can be easy to make a few errors in your rush to check everything off your list. As such, you should know what to do—and also what not to do—to preserve your property. These are some common landscaping mistakes to avoid and a few strategies to do just that.

Using the Wrong Type of Mower

When many start our search for a new lawn mower, it seems like it should be a simple process. But believe it or not, there are several varieties of mowers that all work best for different aspects of yard maintenance—the top two being rough cut and finished models. As such, you should take some time to familiarize yourself with the variances between them so that you know you’re using the right one for your needs. Otherwise, you could end up with a messier cut than you intended.

Planting in Not-Suitable Areas

Planting your flowers or shrubs in the wrong place is also a common landscaping mistake to avoid. While your entire yard might appear the same on the surface, some sections will get more sun or slope lower than others. These factors significantly influence how well a plant will take to the soil and, in turn, determine its rate of survival. So you’ll need to assess the needs of your desired garden and consider your property’s layout to figure out the ideal place for them.

Neglecting Your Hedges

Another thing to remember is to include your hedges in your landscaping plan for the season. Many homeowners find them easy to forget about since they often sit off to the side of your property. But keeping them manicured has a substantial effect on how your home looks overall. For this reason, you’ll need to spend some time shaping them if you want your yard to look neat all the way around.

Failing to Fertilize Your Garden

Even once you’ve officially planted your garden, there are a few mistakes that you can make—primarily with how you care for it. Certain types of flowers require specific nutrients to thrive, and your property might not always have what they need. Fertilizer products are always a good thing to keep around. In using this mixture, your plants will have the minerals they need to make them bright and beautiful.