The Most Common Uses for Aluminum Extrusions

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The Most Common Uses for Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum is an incredible material that other materials like steel often overshadow as one of the most useful metals around. In fact, few people realize just how widespread aluminum profiles have become in a wide range of industries and applications. To help you better understand how aluminum has improved so many industries and our lives as a whole, we discuss some of the most common uses for aluminum extrusions.

When Sanitation Is Number One

There’s no better material than aluminum in industries where sanitation is incredibly important. Aluminum is highly corrosion resistant and easy to clean, making it an absolute favorite for industries that work with food or medicine. In fact, hospitals use aluminum extrusions in various applications – from their most basic to most complex equipment. Aluminum is also incredibly light while retaining incredible strength, making equipment that uses it a lot lighter and easier to transport.

For similar reasons, restaurants will use aluminum extrusions in their appliances and utensils to prevent contamination and provide better food for their customers. Your home’s appliances and cooking utensils probably use aluminum extrusions as well!

Making Cars More Efficient

Because America emphasizes car culture, making automobiles more efficient is one of the most common uses for aluminum extrusions here in the States. As we mentioned, aluminum is incredibly lightweight while also being incredibly strong. This makes it ideal for cars because it allows the chassis to maintain the durability and strength it needs while also being much lighter than if it was steel. In turn, this lighter weight reduces the amount of fuel that vehicles consume and improves their handling because they’re less top heavy.

Just transporting aluminum extrusions to their destination vastly improves fuel efficiency for trucks and other transports because they have less weight their engines must move. We can make our supply chains much more efficient by shifting our focus to aluminum materials.

Modern Architecture

When it comes to construction, aluminum extrusions fulfill both practical and aesthetic purposes. Not only are they fantastic building materials, but the sleek appearance of aluminum extrusions gives buildings a much cleaner and modern feel compared to wooden or steel materials that are more prone to corrosion and decay.