The Signs It’s Time To Downsize Your Home

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The Signs It’s Time To Downsize Your Home

The most common time to downsize your home is during your silver years. As you get older, material belongings start to matter less, and you decide to make more room in your life for the people you love. Downsizing can mean getting rid of clutter or moving to a smaller place. Notice the signs it’s time to downsize your home before your possessions become a burden.

Your Lifestyle Is Changing

Multiple types of lifestyle changes may motivate you to downsize. If you’re retiring soon, you might start deciding what to get rid of before moving to a new state. For instance, it’s wise to downsize before moving to Tampa since you’ll likely buy new things to accommodate your life in a new city and climate.

Another possible lifestyle change is your health. Your home might not accommodate you as your body changes. If you need mobility aids, you might need to downsize to move to an accessible home.

You Can’t Keep Up With Maintenance

When the big, beautiful home you bought when you were young starts to give you anxiety, it’s time to move. Don’t stay in a home you can’t maintain on your own or afford to keep clean. It’s not worth your mental health to live somewhere you aren’t safe.

You Can’t Afford Your Home

Rising property costs or paying a mortgage without an income is challenging. If you’re retired or lost your job and can no longer afford your house, consider downsizing to one that’s in your budget. Remove financial stress from your life—and possibly make some money—when you sell your home for one that’s more suitable to your lifestyle.

You Aren’t Using Your Space

Maybe you own a big home because you had many kids. As children grow up and move out, rooms become unused. Paying for and maintaining these rooms can be cumbersome, especially if it’s all up to you alone. Consider moving to a home with the right amount of space for those who live in your house.

Pro Tip: If your kids or other family like to visit, don’t forget to find a place with an extra room for your guests!

You Don’t Want To Age in Place

As our bodies get older, they aren’t always as agile as they used to be. You probably didn’t consider what you would need later in life when you bought your home years ago. As things change, you may not be able to use the stairs or may need bars to help you get out of the tub or off the toilet. Moving to an apartment or facility with these accommodations may help you maintain your independence.

Whether you begin your next chapter in a new home or give away stuff that’s been cluttering your space, downsizing brings a breath of fresh air into your life. The signs it’s time to downsize your home may go further than what you can see. Consider a change if you don’t feel good in your space anymore. Let go of the old so you can embrace the next chapter of life.