The Top 4 Finishes for the Appliances in Your Home 

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The Top 4 Finishes for the Appliances in Your Home

If you’re looking to get the right appliance and want it to be aesthetically pleasing, you’ve come to the right place. There are several finishes you can get for your appliances, from black and white to stainless steel. The finish you choose largely depends on the interior design choices for your house. So, what should you choose? Check out our list of the top four finishes for the appliances in your home.  

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is a classic finish. You can find a stainless steel finish for most appliances to fit many homes, from rustic to contemporary. The material is modern, and its neutral color complements most kitchens, especially ones with butcher-block countertops and hardwood floors. Some stainless steel appliances are streak-free, but for those that aren’t, ensure you have a dedicated appliance cleaner on hand for any fingerprints. This is a perfect finish for the appliances in your home.  

Black Stainless 

After you’ve figured out which appliances you need in the home, it’s time to determine their finish. The black stainless steel finish is incredibly modern. It’s similar to your standard stainless steel finish, retaining a unique look and feel. Often, the finish combines a glossy black look with a contemporary brushed metal finish. An appliance with this finish works with many home styles. You can incorporate it with dark wood and white or black metal cabinetry. It’s a classic contrast to white appliances and can visually expand and brighten a room.  


The slate finish is versatile and warm. It’s perfect for a neutral kitchen, giving just enough color for a soft, subtle look. This type of appliance goes with natural wood and sleek granite, making it perfect for a modern home. This appliance will “pop” with elegant, rich undertones that make any room look posh.  

Black Slate 

Who doesn’t like a dark charcoal color? A dark slate appliance gives your room a blend of durability and sophistication. Your appliances, like your stove or fridge, will especially pop if you have contrasting handles. This creates an excellent visual grounding point, and you can even mix the finish with different contrasting metals for a sleek, balanced look.