Things That Can Damage Your Roof

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Things That Can Damage Your Roof

Everyone knows that roofs are prone to damage, especially from strong storms, high winds, and falling debris. Many people only check their roofs for damage after a period of bad weather. Unfortunately, roof damage can occur year-round, regardless of the weather. The best way to prevent this is to familiarize yourself with the types of damage, what causes them, and how to avoid or fix them. Let’s look at some things that can damage your roof.

Freeloading Critters

There are plenty of animals, including birds, raccoons, squirrels, and mice, that see your roof as the perfect nesting place. Unfortunately, they’re quite the unruly tenants. They can tear away at the shingles, chew through the walls of your home, and even spread disease. They also have no concept of money, so don’t expect them to start paying you rent anytime soon. The best way to prevent critters from making your roof their permanent home is to hire a reputable pest control company for a monthly or bimonthly inspection.

Moss and Algae

Some other things that can damage your roof include moss and algae. Moss grows all over the trees and rocks in the yard, and you often see algae in dirty, neglected pools or fish tanks. But you can also see moss and algae growing on your roof. Moss appears in wet climates. It can grow on the roof, weakening the overall structure and negatively impacting the appearance of your exterior. Thankfully, it’s easy to treat as long if you catch it early on. Algae is most likely to grow during summer. It poses less of a threat than moss, but can still cause damage to your roof when left untreated. You can address algae by spraying a mixture of bleach and water over it to destroy it.

Needles and Leaves

The leaves and needles that fall from your tree might look harmless, but they can cause more damage to your roof than you’d expect. They won’t damage your roof directly, but they can collect and trap moisture. This moisture can destroy your shingles, which will eventually lead to a leaky roof and the water damage, mold, and other problems that come with it. If you have a leaky roof, hire a professional roofing company to fix it. Luckily, you can usually expect a relatively simple repair as opposed to something more extensive.