Things You Can Do To Make Your Lawn Look Immaculate

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Things You Can Do To Make Your Lawn Look Immaculate

Having a sad, dead, brown lawn may make you feel a bit dead inside as well. Through hard work and meticulous preparation, you can give your grass a much-needed makeover. These things you can do to make your lawn look immaculate will help start that process.

Preventive Treatment

You want your yard to look healthy and lush; hence, it’s critical to eliminate weeds before they can sprout. You’ll want to lay pre-emergent herbicide in early Spring for the best results. Additionally, if those pesky dandelions appear before you take preventative measures, you can engrain some weed and dandelion killer in your lawn.

Use a Sharp Blade

It may not dawn on you that your mower’s blade is dull, especially if you can still notice the patterns of the cut grass. However, a sharp blade has a profound effect on the appearance of your lawn. A crisp blade keeps things looking sumptuous, avoiding the brownish, dead color of unkept grounds. To ensure you always have a sharp blade handy, purchase a second one you can put on the mower while the other can get sharpened.

A Morning Watering

Giving your lawn the water needed to thrive is challenging if mother nature isn’t cooperating. Nevertheless, if you need to get the sprinkler system going, the best time to do so is bright and early in the morning. The morning treatment allows the sun to dry the grass, whereas a nighttime cleanse leads to excess moisture, opening you up for disaster.

Use an Edger

Edging your property gives your lawn a sharp appearance that significantly increases your curb appeal. Outside of the look, an edged lawn blocks invasive grass. An edged property acts as the cherry on top of the sundae of a perfectly mowed lawn.


Like all living organisms, your lawn needs some nourishment to feel healthy and fertilizing provides that need. There’s no magic formula to abide by, seeing as every type of grass reacts differently to specific types of fertilizer. Regardless, the best strategy is to start around the edges and head inward, moving over a few inches at a time. You don’t want to over-fertilize because it may kill the grass. Lastly, using fertilizer when the grass is wet allows the materials to soak into the soil.

Let It Grow

Letting your lawn grow and prosper from all the care you provide ensures that it looks luxurious all season long. Keeping things a touch longer shades the soil, limiting evaporation. Once summer has come and gone, you can start cutting it shorter again to avoid the number of times you need to mow.

All these things you can do to make your lawn look immaculate will have your neighbors talking. After all, having the perfect yard in the neighborhood is akin to winning a gold medal.