Tips and Tricks for Updating Your Bedroom’s Look

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Tips and Tricks for Updating Your Bedroom’s Look

If your bedroom is looking a little drab and dull, it’s time for a change. But bringing new life to your bedroom doesn’t mean breaking the bank. With a few simple adjustments and inexpensive additions, you can make your bedroom look like a whole new space. Here are some tips and tricks for updating your bedroom’s look.

Paint It, in Whole or in Part

Painting a room is the surest and swiftest way to make it look brand new. In a brief weekend, you can slap on a coat or two of paint and be ready for your first snooze in the newly painted room by Sunday night. Lay down a coat of primer and then fill it up with a color that makes a statement the rest of the room’s furnishings will follow. If you aren’t sure about the best color or hue, then go with a bright and cheerful color like yellow, light pink, a pleasant green, or even a pale blue that will set the scene. Don’t have a lot of time to paint? Stick to one side and paint what’s called an accent wall. An accent wall draws the eyes and lends an unexpected dramatic and chromatic element to the room.

Clean and Declutter

Before you paint, a thorough cleanup is always in order: wipe down the walls, chase down cobwebs, and get a vacuum into those cracks and corners along the floor. Next, take some time to assess the room’s contents and decide what needs to stay and what has to go. What pieces look out of date and broken down, and which might lend some new character to the room if you take the time to repaint or otherwise update their look? A room looks better when it’s roomier, so move some pieces to other parts of the house, donate them to charity, or kick them to the curb. Don’t forget the walls if they’re hosting way too many decorations and the like.

Update and Upgrade

You might not be ready for all new furniture, but consider the state of your bedroom’s centerpiece: the bed. How does it look? Most beds need to be replaced after seven to ten years. Is yours looking lumpy and misshapen, and are the springs beginning to poke through? New sheets and blankets are a nice addition, but they can’t fix a bad bed. Replace it, and the rest of the room falls into place. As for accent pieces, hit the thrift stores and look for replacements at a lower price so you can turn your bedroom into your new, cozy retreat.

Make It a Dual-Purpose Room

Here’s the last of our tips and tricks for updating your bedroom’s look. If you have the space, turn a corner or side of the room into a writing or reading nook with a small desk or a comfy chair. Add a small bookshelf to showcase your favorite titles and a tiny reading lamp. Keep it cute and petite, so it doesn’t dominate the rest of the room.