Tips for Choosing the Best Truck Seat Cover

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Tips for Choosing the Best Truck Seat Cover

If you want to protect the interior of your truck, consider seat covers; these essential accessories can keep your seats safe from damage and stains. But before you decide on the type of seat cover you want in your truck, you should think about factors like comfort and durability. Whatever your reasons are for buying new seat protectors, taking advantage of these tips for choosing the best truck seat cover will ensure you pick the right one for your lifestyle.

Learn the Difference Between Custom and Universal Seat Covers

Two terms you may see while shopping around for truck seat covers are “custom” and “universal.”

Custom Seat Covers

Custom-fit seat covers will fit perfectly on your make and model. You won’t experience looseness when you use these covers, and when you purchase them, you know that they’ll fit without any issues. Custom seat covers typically come with separate headrest and center console covers.

Universal Seat Covers

Universal seat covers fit multiple different makes and models of trucks. While they may protect your truck on a budget, they may not fit comfortably on your seats. When looking for universal seat covers, you’ll have to make sure you purchase them based on the headrest style of your truck’s interior—universal seat protectors may not come with a separate headrest cover. If your truck has side airbags in the seat, a universal seat cover may not have slits for them.

How Well Does the Cover Protect Your Seat?

Before you buy a set of seat covers, check to see if they protect your original upholstery from the daily hazards of your lifestyle. For instance, make sure that the covers include protection from:

  • Water
  • Stains
  • UV rays
  • Abrasion

As the weather warms up, seat covers will become an essential tool for protecting your truck from the sun and heat of summer. You don’t want your seats to fade or get too hot in the bright sunshine, especially when you can’t find a shady parking spot.

Don’t Forget To Consider Your Style Preferences

You may be getting seat covers purely to protect the upholstery of your truck, but consider this tip for choosing the best truck seat cover: pay attention to how much the cover appeals to you. If you don’t enjoy looking at the seat cover, you won’t feel the same pride as you do for the rest of your truck. Match the color, material, and style of the seat cover to the rest of your interior.