Tips for Customizing Your Loved One’s Headstone

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

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Losing a loved one is everyone’s dreaded misfortune. Making choices that will offset the emptiness of the deceased requires a lot of courage. Unfortunately, it happens; the only thing left is to honor your departed one. One of the best ways to celebrate the departed is to customize a beautiful headstone for their graveyard for a memory that merits preservation. 

Headstones differ by material, style, size, and color, so choosing the best one can be challenging. A qualified professional can help you design a memorial headstone that is both durable and beautiful. This is a way for you to express your love for the deceased.

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Material and color of the headstone

Slate, granite, bronze, and marble are typical headstone materials. Granite and bronze are often the best materials because of their dependability and low maintenance requirements. Granite is incredibly well-liked because it’s natural and available in various hues, including red, green, and blue, but the stone’s quality dictates how durable and robust it will be.

The naturally distinctive stone patterns and lovely white or grey coloring of marble make it an appealing option for headstones. However, marble’s delicate nature causes it to erode over time due to weather elements; therefore, marble gravestones require routine upkeep.

Style and shape of the stone

There are many styles to choose from regarding the size and shape of the gravestone. You must pick one appealing to your family and ensure it meets the cemetery restrictions. There are many personalized memorials, including statues and granite benches for cemeteries. Your options include:

  • Upright headstone.
  • Slant headstone.
  • Flat headstone.
  • Raised top.
  • Bech headstone.
  • Monument headstone.

When it comes to the shape, you are free to get creative if the cemetery has no restrictions. Some common ones are circle, oval, cross, floral, and book shape.

Inscriptions on the stone

The words, dates, and sentiments engraved on a gravestone are all crucial to respecting the legacy of a loved one. Epitaphs are written to tell future generations of a loved one’s bond with you and provide some background information. These inscriptions, or epitaphs, may be sentimental, familial, or even religious. Several instances are:

  • In memory of our beloved
  • Within our hearts forever
  • A successful life, etc.

Since we are talking about customization, photo etching is one of the unique options. The image might be a picture of the deceased or possibly a collage. Photo etching comes in various sizes, and it is permanent.

A monument

A monument is a big headstone but varies in size and shape. It is one of the best customization options for headstones available, and you can personalize one in the form of a heart, angle, hands, etc. However, you should check your cemetery’s restrictions first.

Final words

The suggestions above are merely the basics for a unique memorial. After consulting a knowledgeable specialist, you have a wide range of options and recommendations. With their knowledge, they can create a special memorial for your loved one.