Tips for Entering Your First Classic Car Show

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Tips for Entering Your First Classic Car Show

Car shows are fantastic opportunities for car enthusiasts to gather, chat, and show off their favorite vehicles. If you’re thinking of attending your first-ever car show, you probably have a lot of questions! How should you prepare? What should you expect from the judges? Is there any secret to gathering a huge crowd? These tips for entering your first classic car show will guide you through what you need to know.

Pre-Show Tune-Ups

You want your car to be in tip-top shape for the show. Take the time to do a tune-up on your car. Have it inspected for any problems and replace the fluids (oil, transmission fluid, coolant, etc.) Once your car looks good under the hood, move on to cosmetic touches. Make it look extra nice by cleaning it inside and out and waxing it.

Gather Documents

Next, you’ll want to gather your car’s documents—the original documents, paper advertisements, the owner’s manual, spec stickers… whatever you have on hand! If you’ve modified your car in any way, you should also create a mods list for attendees and judges to look over. And while not necessary, why not create a poster board full of fun and interesting facts about your car? This encourages folks to flock to and interact with your display.

Get Creative With Your Display

Speaking of your display, get creative with it! Have photos of your car on your table, use decorative props like prop bars or model cars, crack open the hood… the more your display stands apart from the others, the more attention it will draw. That said, don’t go overboard and cover your car head to toe in props. People still need to see the car itself!

Bring the Essentials

You’ll be sitting around for a while. To stay comfortable, try and park in the shade or bring a canopy tent to shelter under (assuming the show is outside). Bring water and snacks. For your car, pack some basic cleaning supplies. You don’t want a tiny smudge you picked up on your way to the show to affect your score!

With these tips for entering your first classic car show, you can enter the show feeling more confident. Preparation is the key to success, so spend some time sprucing up your car and planning your display before the big day.