Tips for Fixing an Unhealthy Relationship

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Unhealthy relationships all look different, and it can be difficult for someone to acknowledge they are not living healthily. However, when they do know, it can seem impossible to pick up the pieces and turn that relationship into a positive one. Here are some tips for fixing an unhealthy relationship.

Find Your Voice

Unhealthy relationships can often be one-sided, as one person dominates every interaction while the other person falls into a role of inaction and submission. This dynamic is not how a healthy relationship should operate. Instead, both parties should be able to speak their minds and be heard. A person should look for the confidence to speak their mind, talk with their partner, and tell them that they need to listen and engage. Don’t be afraid to walk on eggshells either, because sensitive topics should be out in the open instead of ignored and left to fester.

Talk to Professionals

A great way to fix an unhealthy relationship is getting an unbiased third-party, such as a relationship counselor, to talk with you and the person you have problems with. The counselor has the experience and knowledge to recognize unhealthy patterns, and how to implement strategies to navigate and move forward. Sometimes, these strategies may seem frightening, but after observing you and your partner, the counselor will not recommend anything they think you aren’t capable of.

Cut It Off

This point may seem out of reach or unfathomable for many people, but if nothing else is working, the only step forward is to end the relationship entirely. Sometimes, the best solution is a split up when a relationship lacks a natural path forward. This break up can be a simple process, but a person’s partner may be combative and not reciprocal. In such instances, the best choice may be to get a restraining order. It’s not what anyone wants, but it is needed after some breakups.

While these are just a few tips for fixing an unhealthy relationship, they are absolutely ones you should explore. Relationships thrive on both parties feeling like they have a voice, and that the other person hears them. An imbalanced relationship is unhealthy, and professionals can help you find that balance again. However, when this balance is not reached, and the relationship doesn’t seem to be working out, don’t be afraid to cut it off.