Tips for Keeping Pests Away From Your Large Yard

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Tips for Keeping Pests Away From Your Large Yard

Bugs and other types of pests are always a nuisance. From giving you frequent, often itchy bites to buzzing around your head and stealing your food, it’s no secret why homeowners want them gone. However, deterring them can be particularly difficult if you have a larger property to manage, and you may not even know where to start with your efforts. Here, we’ll provide a few effective tips for keeping pests away from your large yard so that you can fully enjoy your land.

Eliminate Any Standing Water

If you want to significantly cut down on the number of bugs your lawn attracts, make sure you’re addressing any areas with standing water. Sections of your land with poor drainage can collect and hold water for several days at a time. When this happens, bugs—especially mosquitos that use water for breeding—swarm around these puddles and make a home for themselves. Therefore, it’s important to find ways to improve the drainage of your yard, whether that means repairing your gutter system or digging an irrigation trench.

Hang a Few Bird Feeders and Houses

It helps to install a few bird houses or bird feeders around your front and backyard, as insects are a primary part of the standard bird’s diet. Because of this, having more birds around your property can significantly decrease the bug population. Best of all, you can keep them coming back as often as you’d like with the right combination of food and shelter during the summer months.

Clear Any Yard Overgrowth

Another vital tip for repelling pests from your large yard is to clear away any overgrowth and keep your grass at a manageable height. Bugs and rodents love tall grass and underbrush because they provide ample places for them to nest and hide. As such, chopping down this debris is a crucial step on your way to a pest-free property. For several acres of land, consider using a heavy-duty skid steer brush cutter attachment. These machines cut through even the thickest undergrowth with ease and clear large sections of land in a fraction of the time.

Landscape With Bug-Repelling Plants

To really ensure that pests stay away, consider planting some greenery that naturally repels them. Plants like lavender and lemongrass have very strong fragrances that deter animals; the same is true for flowers like chrysanthemums and marigolds—they can keep away everything from rodents to mosquitos to aphids. Don’t hesitate to do some gardening to add them around your property’s perimeter.

Having pests on your land can make caring for it much harder, but you can use these tips to give yourself an edge. Whether you own an acre or two or a small farm, these tricks will ensure your property is safe from these creepy crawlies for the entire summer.