Tips for Keeping Warehouse Floors Clean

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Tips for Keeping Warehouse Floors Clean

Slips, trips, and falls are common hazards that strike in warehouses. Minimizing these hazards is relatively easy if you know the right precautions to take. The issue is that not everyone knows or makes the effort to learn about these preventative measures. To help you maintain a safe and secure work environment, this guide will introduce you to three crucial tips for keeping warehouse floors clean.

Provide Proper Storage for Equipment

If employees don’t have a place to store equipment when they aren’t using it, they can wind up placing it on the ground for the time being. While this might sound innocent enough, it’s actually quite dangerous. Any kind of clutter on the ground poses a tripping hazard to all personnel in the area. Not only can this clutter cause injuries, but it can also result in costly property damage if the object cluttering the floor is company equipment.

By providing employees with sufficient storage space for equipment, you can keep the floors free of clutter. Aside from making the area safer for everyone nearby, doing this also helps you maintain a warehouse that looks clean and organized on a regular basis.

Enforce Regular Forklift Inspections

One of the most common pieces of warehouse equipment is a forklift. A crucial step that forklift operators must take before getting behind the wheel is a pre-operation inspection. Through this inspection, employees can identify and address a variety of issues, one of which is fluid leaks.

If your forklift operators neglect to do their pre-operation inspection, they might ride a forklift around the workplace while it’s leaking. Not only does this create a slipping hazard, but it also can lead to mechanical malfunctions in the forklift itself. Additionally, make sure that any equipment in your workplace that is susceptible to leakage undergoes regular inspections to monitor whether they’re in proper working condition or pose a threat to nearby personnel.

Designate an Employee To Clean Floors Every Night

While the methods above will help you keep the floor clean during the workday, a nightly cleaning routine will ensure that no clutter, spills, and other hazards are left for employees to encounter the following morning.

Whether it’s one cleaner or a whole crew, you should have designated employees who clean the workplace through actions such as mopping, sweeping, dusting, and de-cluttering. That way, instead of walking into a dangerous workplace, employees can enter a secure work environment on a regular basis.

Keeping your warehouse floors clean might seem like a simple practice, and it is, but more importantly, it’s a crucial safety measure. By using these tips for keeping warehouse floors clean, you can prevent your employees from enduring slips, trips, falls, and other dangerous scenarios every day.