Tips for Preserving Military Uniforms

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Tips for Preserving Military Uniforms

Military uniforms see a lot of action based on their job description alone. After service, and when in service, it’s military uniform code to always keep uniforms up to specifications. This is out of honor and respect, but also because uniforms are made to be neat and perfect. Here are some helpful tips for preserving military uniforms in case you might need them.

Dry Cleaning as a First Line of Defense

The most important thing when dealing with uniforms is keeping them up to standard. There cannot be any fraying on the ends of the sleeves or legs. This goes for patches and ribbons, too. Whenever you have your uniforms dry cleaned, the cleaners do spot checks and make sure the uniform is perfect to wear or store. Make sure to ask for sharp creases if the service isn’t normally implied in the dry cleaning. This will make a uniform last an extremely long time.

Garment Bags Are Always Necessary

Keeping your uniforms out of sight and out of mind is the goal. When they’re stored away in a garment bag, they will be enclosed in time and away from air and light. This is important; when a uniform oxidizes, it also withers. Bugs also love to eat fibers, keeping them away is vital. Protecting your uniform in a garment bag will assure you that nothing will harm them, whether that’s dust, dander, or deadly bugs.

Storage Location Plays a Role

Having a storage location is the single greatest thing you can do for your uniforms. It provides a safe place for them to be stored and kept out of harm’s way. The place should be cool and dark to prevent any mold or mildew from growing inside the bag and on the uniform. Then, because it will not be touched, it will always be inspection-ready and up to uniform code.

There are several ways to preserve your uniforms, whether you’re actively on duty or a veteran who still wants to honor their country. Knowing how to care for them the proper way—such as going to a dry cleaner—is essential in how long they keep. Always keep your uniforms in garment bags so they can store away from the elements.

Lastly, make sure you have a safe, cool, and dark location to keep them. Then, they’ll stop aging the day you put them away. These are the essential tips for preserving military uniforms for all your uniform needs.