Tips for Riding Your Electric Bike Safely

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Tips for Riding Your Electric Bike Safely

Cycling through a park or city is a fun and exciting way to strengthen your cardiovascular system and legs. Some people choose to purchase electric bikes to help with longer distances and hills. If you want to ride an electric bicycle, be sure to learn these tips for riding your electric bike safely before your trip.

Learn How To Ride With Extra Speed

Electric bikes can travel much faster than regular bikes, so you’ll need to adjust your cycling for the higher speeds you can attain. For example, you’ll need to slow down much earlier on an electric bike to stop than on a regular bike. Each electric bike has different levels of speed. Therefore, it’s best to start on the lowest level and gradually work your way to the highest level.

Make Drivers Aware of Your Presence

Another one of the tips for riding your electric bike safely is to make drivers aware of your existence. Most drivers aren’t used to seeing cyclists move at fast speeds. Consequently, it’s important to make your presence known to everyone around you. You can use a bell, lights, reflective decals, and more to ensure you don’t surprise anyone. Remember, you’ll need to warn pedestrians, drivers, other cyclists, and anyone near your bike as you approach them.

Mount and Dismount With Caution

Unfortunately, the electric bike’s speed comes with extra weight. Usually, electric bikes weigh approximately 20 pounds more than their regular counterparts, so be sure to mount and dismount with caution. If you’re worried about the added weight, you can also ask someone to help and hold the bike as you mount and dismount.

Use Safety Equipment

Of course, you still need to use all safety equipment with your electric bike. Before you go on a ride, always remember to wear a helmet. If you enjoy wearing sunglasses, make sure they’re shatter-proof and can protect your eyes from dust and dirt.