Tips for Successful Fishing in Winter Weather

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Tips for Successful Fishing in Winter Weather

If you’re looking for a big change to your favorite activity, consider giving winter fishing a try. You may catch new varieties of fish, and you’ll certainly come home with thrilling stories. However, winter-weather fishing requires extra considerations. Read on to learn a few tips for successful fishing in winter weather.

Take It Slow

Cold water makes fish move more slowly. So when a fish moving in slow motion sees a lure jerking around quickly in the water, it won’t be enticed—it will be deterred. However, if you use live bait in the winter, the bait will move slowly in the water, just like the fish you’re trying to catch!

Enjoy Your Morning

If you think you feel like sleeping in, so do the fish. In the winter, it takes a while for the sun to warm up the water each day, and you’ll have your best fishing luck when the fish are as warm as possible. Therefore, unlike in spring- and summertime, you don’t need to roll out of bed at the crack of dawn for the best shot at fish. Instead, hold off until noon or even an hour or two after.

Stay Warm

Though winter fishing requires extra preparations, make sure you take the proper steps to protect yourself from the cold before heading out on the water. If you’re wading out into the water, be sure to wear neoprene waders. And no matter how you’re planning to fish, bring gloves, a thermal cap, and layers.

Keep in mind that you should bring layers, but you shouldn’t bundle up until you’ve reached your fishing spot. If you trek through the woods wearing 10 layers, you’re likely to start sweating, and this sweat will end up making you colder. To stay warm, you have to stay dry, so hold off on your outer layers until you’re done walking.

Get Efficient Tools

At the end of the day, none of these tips mean much if you don’t have the proper tools. When cleaning fish in the winter, it’s easier to prepare fish using an electronic fillet knife than a standard blade. These ergonomic blades make filleting easy with tired hands, as shown by the history of the Filletzall® electronic fillet knife blade.

Now that you know these tips for successful fishing in winter weather, grab your winter wear and get ready to catch some fish!