Tips To Keep Your Workshop Warm in Cold Weather

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Tips To Keep Your Workshop Warm in Cold Weather

Now that fall is here and colder weather is replacing the summer temperatures, you might be wondering how you’re going to work out of your shop this winter. Whether your workshop is in your home garage or you have a separate space for work, it can be difficult to work efficiently if your environment feels as cold as it is outside. Here are some tips to keep your workshop warm in cold weather and help you prepare for the coming seasons.

Wear Cold Weather Clothes

If you’re completing standard fixes and repairs at your workbench, you should be able to wear an extra layer or two without impeding your work. Wearing an insulated coat, proper winter boots and socks, a hat, and protective gloves can help you keep warm even if your workshop is cold. However, this solution doesn’t work for all types of workshops, as more intense jobs like welding and blacksmithing require a wide range of movement and specific protective clothing when working in the vicinity.

Seal off Drafts

Drafts from holes and cracks in your workshop siding, doors, and windows, can be huge causes of cold temperatures indoors. In order to properly insulate your workshop, start by locating and closing these gaps. Be sure to check the seals along doors and windows—if you’ve had these features for years without updates, the weather-strip seal on each could be worn and not as effective. Update the seals on doors and windows to prevent cold drafts from entering your workshop.

Use Electric Heaters

Depending on your workshop applications, it may need an additional heater. For example, blacksmithing workshops feature a high-powered furnace that will efficiently heat the nearby area of the shop. However, large blacksmithing shops might enjoy an extra electrical heater to create an ideal space for smithing. Portable electrical heaters can help bring some warmth back to the colder corners of any workshop. Just be sure to place the heaters away from flammable materials.

Invest in Insulation

One of the best things you can do to make your workshop comfortable year-round is to insulate it. Consider hiring a professional insulation contractor to insulate your doors, walls, ceiling, and any additional spaces. Insulation like spray foam polyurethane has some of the best R-values, which will help your workshop retain heat better than other insulation materials.

If you’re tired of freezing while trying to enjoy your hobby or complete tasks in your workshop, utilize these tips to keep your workshop warm even in cold weather. With the winter months approaching, start upgrading your workshop now to have it ready before the temperatures plummet.