Tips To Prepare Your Home for Concrete Jacking

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Tips To Prepare Your Home for Concrete Jacking

If you have a suspicion that your home’s foundation, patio, or driveway is sinking, then it’s time to call in the concrete-raising professionals. Professional contractors can help restore your concrete slabs to their former even state by using modern concrete raising techniques like foam jacking. If you’re planning to schedule a concrete jacking service for your home, here’s how to prepare.

Locate the Sinking Area

The first step to scheduling a concrete raising session is to locate the affected area. Noticing your driveway or patio sinking and becoming uneven is easy since nothing covers them. However, identifying issues like home foundation sinkage can be more difficult. Look for signs of foundation problems throughout your home, such as uneven floors, cracks in your walls and ceilings, and foundation settling. These issues can tip you off to foundation problems even if you can’t observe your uneven foundation the same way you can see other concrete surfaces.

Store Your Belongings

Once you’ve located the area where the concrete raising will take place, temporarily remove any furniture and other belongings from that spot and the surrounding area. This will help provide your concrete raising professionals with enough room to move, drill into the concrete slab, and cart equipment into the area. It’ll also protect your belongings from wear and tear from heavy traffic during the concrete raising process. Consider temporarily storing your furniture and belongings indoors or in a garage or outdoor shed.

Reroute Traffic to the Area

On the day of your concrete raising service, make sure to account for all your pets and children who could try to wander into the construction area. If possible, install temporary gates to keep pets and small children out of working areas. Many concrete raising projects take place outdoors since they deal with the patio or driveways, so you could even consider putting fencing up to block these areas when you need to take your pets outdoors. However, make sure not to block the access paths for your hired contractors in the process.

Now that you know how to prepare your home for concrete jacking, you’re all set for your concrete raising appointment. Soon, your home’s patio, driveway, foundation, and more will look new again.