Top 4 Essential Ways To Maintain Your Boat

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Top 4 Essential Ways To Maintain Your Boat

Just because your boat isn’t on the water doesn’t mean you can leave it in the garage as is. To extend the life of your boat and reduce the amount of work you’ll need to do later on, perform some maintenance now. Make a schedule and stick to it. These essential ways to maintain your boat will ensure a clean and functional boat, no matter the weather.

Change Oil and Filters

For every 50 hours your boat spends on the water, you should check the engine and change the oil. Warm up the engine during the process to help drain out the old oil. As long as you’re using your boat regularly, continue to check your boat’s oil levels for any changes.

Clean It—Inside and Out

When you notice your boat collecting dirt and grime, give the outside and inside a thorough deep cleaning. A deep clean every three months will extend the life of your boat. Get into all the nooks and crannies to prevent foreign ecosystems from forming. During your regular deep cleaning, remove anything that doesn’t need to be there—mattresses, towels, seat cushions—to prevent mold and mildew.

Check the Propeller

When you get your boat out of the water, give the propeller a once-over. If you inspect and maintain the propeller, it will be ready whenever you want to tool around on your boat. Check for any faulty bearings or dented blades and perform repairs as necessary before you get it back in the water.

Cover It Up

Use an airtight cover to seal the boat’s top before you put it in any garage or storage unit. This will also prevent mold, mildew, and critters from making a home there. Keep your deep-cleaning job intact by installing a high-quality cover with a tight seal.

Keep your boat shipshape all year long by performing regular inspections and maintenance. When you stick by a cleaning and maintenance schedule, you’ll be glad in the long run! Remember these essential ways to maintain your boat and take pride in your prized possession.