Top Modifications to Make Your Truck Look Tougher

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Top Modifications to Make Your Truck Look Tougher

Pickup trucks are unlike any other standard vehicle because they’re built with a purpose: towing and hauling large objects. While many people use their trucks for construction, concrete, landscaping, or other laborious profession, others simply like the design, feel, and style that trucks present. Regardless of the reason, every pickup truck owner who wants to modify theirs must check out these top modifications to make your truck look tougher. Anyone of any age who wants a one-of-a-kind vehicle on or off the road will appreciate these aftermarket customizations.

Fender Flares

Fender flares are an aftermarket accessory used as an extension of the wheel. They fit directly over the wheel and contours the body frame to match. Fender flares are attractive because they extend the vehicle without affecting too much of its OEM appearance. Not to mention, the wide range of colors, styles, and textures mean there are fender flares to match anyone’s interest. Whether it’s to add a luxurious or aggressive appearance, fender flares are the way to go.

Off-Road Tires

On that note, consider off-road tires rather than conventional all-season tires. All-season tires are the typical tires for most vehicles. They have treads and grooves designed for spring, summer, fall, and light winter driving. The rubber is meant to extract water and provide traction for temperatures above freezing. Given their basic design, these are not meant for extreme use. On the other hand, off-road tires have deeper grooves and spacious tread to carry the truck over mud, sand, boulders, gravel, snow, and, in some cases, water fording. Even with their unique specifications, off-road tires are road safe. Show other drivers you mean business with these supporting your truck.

Grille Guard

Of course, you cannot talk about aggressive truck aesthetics without talking about grille guards. Grille guards are protective devices used in case of large debris or wildlife encountering your truck. They act as deer guards, brush guards, and push guards if needed to move trees or other large objects. Even ranchers can use them to push cattle when needed. Since they’re designed for serious push maneuvers, grille guards ensure your truck looks tough and warns other vehicles on the road of your presence.

LED Lights

Lastly, LED lights are a great modification to make your truck look tougher. Who doesn’t want bright illumination when traveling on an off-road trail or highway at night? Naturally, LED lights are designed to help you see. They’re more powerful than standard vehicle bulbs and can fit any vehicle’s light fixture, like the front head lights, taillights, and even fog lights. Many truck owners install aftermarket lightbars to supply even more illumination wherever they go. If this interests you, be sure to choose the right lightbar for your truck, as each one is different. There are different beam patterns, colors, and sizes to account for, so get the right one for your lifestyle.