Top Preventative Maintenance Techniques for Your Garage Door

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Top Preventative Maintenance Techniques for Your Garage Door

All machines require routine maintenance to function. This includes garage doors, as they typically see a lot of use throughout their lifetimes. Adjusting and inspecting them regularly ensures that they perform just as they did when they were new. Here are the top preventative maintenance techniques for your garage door to keep it at its very best.

Listen for Noise

Anytime you hear a noise that’s out of the ordinary for your garage door, be cautious. Though it could mean nothing, it could also mean that your machine may need some work or replacement parts to keep it working. If adjusting it or replacing the parts fails, you may need to replace the whole garage door.

Inspect Alignment

Every so often, you will need to ensure that the door is opening and shutting evenly. This means that both edges lift and drop at the same time in line with one another. If your door starts to rattle as it opens and closes or stops periodically to realign itself, then you might have a problem. Without proper alignment, your door will not move smoothly.

Tighten Everything

Just like with any machine, you will need to make sure to properly adjust all the nuts and bolts of your garage door regularly. This is because over time, when the door is in motion, all the parts loosen slightly. Over time, these parts can completely fall apart if not properly maintained.

Lubricate Parts

There are certain parts that need to be loosened regularly, however. The gears and chains need regular lubrication to continue to operate smoothly and not build up too much friction and tension. Otherwise, the heat would melt them, and they would snap.

Watch Your Rollers

With the amount of action that the rest of the machine sees throughout its lifetime, the rollers on the track get at least twice as much. Going back and forth and having to open and close the door at a set speed means that the wheels are also under tension and wear down over time. You will eventually need to change the wheels out for them to remain in working condition.

Clean the Tracks

The wheels can’t move if the tracks are dirty and full of clutter and dirt. So you’ll need to make sure to clean these tracks regularly. A dust mop will typically get the job done if you clean the tracks often enough.

Inspect Lift Cables

Just like the wheels, the lift cables hold a heavy responsibility in lifting and shutting the door without letting it drop and slam into the concrete. Every so often, you’ll need to inspect these—at least once to twice a month at minimum.

Test for Safety

For the machine to stay in working order, you will then need to do your routine safety checks and go through all the steps necessary to operate the machine. Make sure you’re staying on top of this by running these inspections regularly while your machine is stationary.

The top preventative maintenance tips for your garage door are simple to follow. Just make sure you’re staying on top of your equipment and maintaining it, and you’ll have your garage door forever.