Top 3 Upgrades To Get for Your 3D Printer

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Top 3 Upgrades To Get for Your 3D Printer

It’s no secret that 3D printers are very finicky machines. However, that can’t be a surprise. These machines do an extremely complex process that requires specific movements and exact timing. What most 3D printing novices don’t know is that there are many upgrades you can use to upgrade your print quality and cut down on mistakes during the printing process. These upgrades can save you a lot of time and effort, meaning that you will be able to be more efficient in your manufacturing process. Read on to learn about some of the top upgrades you need to get for your 3D printer.

Automatic Bed Leveler

One of the best upgrades for a 3D printer of any level is improved print quality and an automatic bed leveling system. These systems make it a breeze to level your bed and ensure that layer adhesion is no longer a problem. It does this by sending out a probe that can detect the distance from the probe’s tip to the printing bed. It measures this in multiple areas to ensure that it gets a complete layout of the exact angles that the bed is currently in. The best part is that this is a very quick process that happens before every print, ensuring that whenever you print you will not experience layer adhesion problems.

Heated Enclosure

Another essential upgrade to get for your 3D printer is a heated enclosure. These are so vital that kits for higher-end 3D printers have them included. However, if you did not get one when you opened your 3D printer for the first time, fear not. It is extremely easy to either make or buy your own heated enclosure. All you need is a few plain panes of clear plastic or glass and a heating element. This will ensure that no layer adhesion problems happen throughout the print. Furthermore, some specialty filaments like heat-resistant filaments require a heated enclosure for them to print properly. Keep that in mind as well.

Upgraded Hot End

The last and perhaps most important upgrade to get for your 3D printer is an upgraded all metal hot end. Hot ends, as the saying goes, is where the magic happens. This part is designed to adequately melt and deposit your filament without burning it. With cheaper hot ends, this may be a problem. They may experience temperature fluctuations that will be difficult for you to control. However, with an upgraded hot end, you will no longer experience this problem. The heat will be able to diffuse throughout the entire metal very evenly, resulting in a higher quality print.

We hope you enjoyed our recap top upgrades to get for your 3D printer. While this may be a little bit of a confusing time for you in the beginning of your 3D printing career, fear not. We suggest implementing these upgrades one at a time to ensure that you understand what their uses are and what benefits they provide. It won’t be overwhelming when you finally get all the parts in and are forced to Install them all at once.