Top Tips for Safe Christmas Décor Removal

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Top Tips for Safe Christmas Décor Removal

Let’s face it—age makes many physical labor tasks more challenging, including decorating the home. When the holidays pass and it’s time to take down your Santa and Christmas tree, you shouldn’t overdo it. Explore these top tips for safe Christmas décor removal.

Take the Tree Slowly

Whether you brought your tree inside on your own or not, the fact remains that an older, drier tree is dangerous to remove on your own. The bristly needles are stiffer and can scratch your skin. Dry trees also pose fire hazards. If you experience issues carrying it out, the tree could catch fire on a nearby candle, heater, or other hazard. Always be sure to carry the tree with another person or have someone else handle it entirely.

Package Décor Thoughtfully

You likely have precious decorations that are decades old. These delicate and breakable items need extra care when packaging. You should wrap each item individually and make sure it’s secure in your storage box. Take your time to thoughtfully enclose and secure each piece, so you have a box full of wonders to open next year.

Watch the Roof

Even though you may have put up the Christmas lights at the beginning of the holiday season, you should make a plan for removing them. The flashing bulbs bring holiday cheer, but when it’s time for them to come down, the small clasps are tedious to undo. Don’t ascend a ladder unprepared. You can consider hiring professionals to unhook your Christmas lights from the roof and gutters. If you’re worried that the Christmas lights will damage your gutters, be sure to give your handyman extra instructions for care.

Remember these top tips for safe Christmas décor removal as the holiday season comes to a close. Start the new year on the right foot with these tips and tricks.