Top Tips on Preparing Your Boat for the Spring

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Top Tips on Preparing Your Boat for the Spring

If you did your due diligence, winterized your boat in the fall, and put it away in storage, your boat is likely in the right condition for spring activities. If not, you may have some work ahead of you. Either way, you still need to ensure your boat is safe to use before you go back out on the water this coming boating season. To help you enjoy the water as quickly and safely as possible, here are some tips on preparing your boat for the spring.

Complete a Safety Check

There is much legally required safety equipment that goes into keeping you, your boat, and its passengers safe. Lifejackets, fire extinguishers, visual distress signals, and more should be in place. If they are, make sure everything is in working condition. The last thing you want is to find a tear in a life preserver when you need it.

Check Your Engine

Most people do engine maintenance, oil changes, and the like before the winter, but it’s good to recheck anyway. Reinstall or change your battery and check the quality of the oil in the lower unit. Creamy or milky oil indicates a water intrusion that needs evaluation ASAP.

Give It a Good Clean

There’s nothing more beautiful than a sparkling clean boat gliding on the water on a clear day. Now that you’re getting your boat ready for the spring, it’s time to give it a good old-fashioned cleaning. That means soaping, waxing, and detailing. You should also clean your marine vinyl upholstery. After all, no one wants to deal with the stink of mildew while trying to enjoy their time on the water.

Examine Your Trailer

Your boat trailer gets you from A to Z, and because most problems seem to rear their head at the launch, it’s best to check your trailer. That means checking the pads, roller, wheel bearing, lights, connections, tongue lock, safety chains, and everything else that could potentially give you a headache.

Now that you know how to prepare your boat for spring, you’re ready to start your engines! Just remember to stay safe and stay smart so you can keep enjoying that boat life.