Top Tips to Get Your Home Fall-Ready

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

By Kelley L. Moore

Cooler temperatures, darker mornings and falling leaves are reminders that autumn has arrived. Now is a great time to dive into some necessary seasonal maintenance tasks at home, so you aren’t left unprepared when the weather swings more dramatically. While many of those tasks are laborious, you can also have some fun with interior seasonal decorating. A few fresh throw pillows and the use of scent can transform your home instantly to suit the new season.

The Seasonal Grind

We always dread the exterior jobs, so get these done first. 

–          Outdoor Furniture: Wipe down the outdoor furniture and tuck it away in a garage or cover with tarps. Be sure to remove all cushions and pillows and wash the covers so they will be clean and ready for the next spring/summer season.  

–          Flower Pots: If you re-plant each spring, now is a great time to empty out the pots and store them away. For those who plant perennials, remember to bring the pots inside to your garage or a shed for the winter.  

–          Faucets and Hoses: Turn off all exterior faucets and cover. Disconnect and drain all hoses, wind them up and store them inside so any remnant water will not freeze. 

–          Roof: At the very least, do a visual scan of your roof from upstairs windows and any place that affords you a good vantage point. Or, climb up if you have a sturdy ladder and a spotter to get a good look from above. Check for loose shingles, any damaged areas or piles of leaves that need to be removed.  

–          Chimney: Commit to having your chimney inspected if you utilize your fireplace often throughout the winter months and clean out your fireplace.

–          Furnace: Depending upon your type of furnace, clean out the air filters or order new ones and replace. 

The Interior Fun

Now that you have tackled the tedious jobs, it’s time to have some interior décor fun. 

–          Entrance: Pick up a pumpkin and a few seasonal gourds and put them at your entrance. 

–          Blankets: Bring your blankets out of storage, wash and make them accessible in a well-placed basket or folded over the couch. 

–          Throw Pillows: Pull out, or splurge on a few new throw pillows in autumn-inspired colorways that tie in nicely with your blankets.  

–          Fall Décor: Pull out any favorite fall décor such as elements for the mantel, table centerpiece or an autumn wreath for the front door.  

–          Scent for the Season: Adding seasonally inspired scent to your home immediately transforms the atmosphere to Fall. Change soaps and candles to autumn colors and aromas and get a diffuser, such as Aera for the Home. Choose from a wide range of fragrances from log fires, to fresh linen, citrus, or lavender or essential oils promoting tranquility and calm to match the changing season.  

Kelley has been sharing tips and tricks in interior design and entertaining as a Lifestyle and Entertaining Expert for over 15 years.  She began with her own show on the NBC Affiliate in Seattle and has since appeared on, and worked with, the Food Network, HGTV, A & E, KING 5, KOMO, the Today Show, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Rachael Ray Show, The ViewBetter TV, and the Steve Harvey Show. She continues to do entertaining and segments on television, and on multiple digital platforms.