Top Tips To Help You Pick the Perfect Side Table

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Top Tips To Help You Pick the Perfect Side Table

A side table is any table that sits to the side of a piece of furniture. You’ll most commonly find them in a living area next to a sofa or chair. In a tiny room, though, you can use one as a nightstand or a coffee table, depending on its height. Here are some of our top tips to help you pick the perfect side table!

One Height Doesn’t Fit All

A side table used with a chair or sofa should be no more than an inch or two below the arm of the seat it’s next to. Aim for a table that is roughly the same height as a conventional sofa arm.

Choose a table that’s 16 to 20 inches wide if you’re matching it with a chair with a shorter arm or if you want to use it as a stool. Or pick one that is 27 to 30 inches tall if you will use it as an entryway piece.

Pay Attention to Width

Side table widths and diameters range from 10 inches (or even less) to 36 inches, but many people prefer a surface width of at least 18 inches. Anything smaller isn’t nearly as useful. If you want to add a standard-sized lamp to the table, it should have a diameter of at least 22 inches.

Go for Simple

Many people prefer sleek and simple side tables for a living area with a lot of upholstered furniture. The softness of the other furniture balances out the table’s crisp lines. Glass, acrylic, metal, and uncarved wood are all good possibilities. Also, you can go for something more decorative if your furniture is current.

Think About the Surface

Because you don’t need coasters, ceramic, stone, and glass tops are ideal for holding drinks. Tables with a wood or fabric top are ideal for displaying knickknacks or resting books and remote controls on.

Placement Is Key

You can determine the number of side tables required in a room based on the number of seats available and the size of the space. You can add a side table to any sofa or chair, or two seats can share one. Consider the following scenario: you have a sofa with two seats facing it and a coffee table. If the room is large enough, place one side table between the two chairs and two more side tables on either end of the sofa.

Hopefully, you enjoyed these tips to help you pick the perfect side table! While it can be hard to pick furniture, getting your style down is probably one of the most important steps to finding the ideal furniture design for your creative space.