Ways To Improve Safety in Mining

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Ways To Improve Safety in Mining

Mining has always been a dangerous job. There will always be a level of risk for the men and women working underground with heavy machinery and blasting in areas that see extreme temperatures and toxic gases. But there are ways to help ensure the safety of your workers. Here are some crucial ways to improve safety in mining.

Maintain Meticulous Standards

A site protocol is a vital necessity for miners. Routine inspections and following regulations are the first steps in minimizing risk to workers. Fostering a positive attitude around checklists can make it seem less like a chore and more of a necessity.

Plan Ahead

Planning every step of the mining project will help to eliminate any unforeseen problems. Some elements to consider at the planning stage include:

  • A thorough assessment of the environment to fully understand drilling and blasting.
  • Enlist professionals like geologists and environmental engineers to analyze rock characteristics.
  • Identifying stresses and probability of cave-ins and other emergencies.

Equipment Upkeep

Monitoring mining equipment for aging or malfunctioning parts is another necessary safety step. Older equipment isn’t necessarily a hazard if it adheres to regulations and receives regular maintenance. Maintained equipment can avoid failures that would otherwise jeopardize workers’ safety. But at some point, old mining processing machinery will need to be replaced.

Shaft Safety

The mining shaft is undoubtedly the most hazardous area of the job site. Tunnels should be well ventilated to allow toxic gases to be released. Workers should be protected from extreme temperatures through breaks, hydration, and appropriate apparel. Fire hazards can be reduced with fire suppression gear and grounding electrical wires.

Closing old shafts will protect the integrity of newer tunnels and help to prevent the possibility of cave-ins. Reducing the risk of falls with safety belts and ladder securing equipment is also beneficial.

Mining will always carry an inherent risk. But by employing ways to improve safety in mining, the probability of accidents can be significantly reduced to keep your employees safe.