Ways To Improve Warehouse Safety

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Ways To Improve Warehouse Safety

Whether you’re a warehouse safety manager or run the whole business, employee health should be a top priority. Anyone responsible for workplace safety standards should take time to routinely look at how they’re doing things. Even if the right safety standards were put into place at one point, they might need an update over time. These three ways to improve warehouse safety will further explain why assessing and updating your workplace practices is so advantageous.

Supply Workplace PPE

Many different health hazards can be present in a warehouse, which is why employees must wear PPE (personal protective equipment) at all times. Warehouses must supply their employers with any PPE they’ll need, the specifics of which come down to the requirements of each warehouse.

PPE can include safety goggles, masks, protective footwear, and gloves—whatever is necessary to combat health hazards specific to your warehouse. If you ever spot an employee not wearing PPE when they should be, say something immediately.

Allowing employees to walk around without the proper PPE can create a reckless work environment. If you’re not supplying PPE to employees or enforcing the use of safety equipment in the workplace, these are two of the first ways to improve warehouse safety under your management.

Inspect Your Safety Signage

Essential warehouse safety signage includes warnings regarding any potential workplace hazards, safe equipment operation guides, forklift speed limits, first aid procedures, and beyond. Similar to PPE, the specific safety signage a warehouse should clearly display depends on specific workplace conditions.

After figuring out all the signage you should have in your workplace, conduct a thorough inspection. Do you lack any necessary signs? If not, are your signs still readable and displaying up-to-date information? If you find yourself in either situation, make an effort to find a solution immediately. Lacking the proper safety posters can lead to avoidable accidents, such as forklifts colliding with pedestrians.

Confirm Forklift Operators Have Certification

There are various reasons to provide forklift training to employees, the least of which is the safe work environment it helps create. All forklift operators must go through forklift training and earn certification before their first day on the job. Driving this heavy machinery isn’t as easy as riding a bike. Forklifts are powerful machines that can hurt pedestrians and damage equipment if the employee at the helm isn’t careful.

Furthermore, track all of your forklift operators’ certification expiration dates. By keeping track of when an operator’s certification expires, you can schedule their renewal at a convenient time.