Ways To Improve Your Truck’s Suspension

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Ways To Improve Your Truck’s Suspension

There’s something about driving a big truck that makes most people feel powerful and cool. On large, sporty trucks, especially those used for off-roading or towing heavy loads, it’s important to have an effective suspension system. If the suspension system of your truck is lacking, try these ways to improve your truck’s suspension.

Upgrade the Shocks

If your truck’s suspension needs an upgrade, consider investing in a new set of shocks. Perhaps your shocks are simply worn out and need to be replaced, or maybe you’d like to get an improved version of the shocks you already have. If you often haul heavy loads, it may be beneficial to purchase a set of heavy-duty shocks to improve your truck’s performance.

Install a Lift Kit

One of the most common modifications to trucks is the addition of a lift kit—and with good reason. The most obvious reason to install a suspension lift kit on a truck is that it raises the truck’s suspension, allowing it to perform better carrying heavy loads and on rough terrain. Depending on the one you choose, a lift kit can raise your truck anywhere from an inch to a few inches. Choose the model that best fits your truck and driving needs.

Reinforce Your Springs

If you often tow or haul heavy loads with your truck, reinforcing the springs is one way to improve your truck’s suspension. Leaf springs are very easy to strengthen—simply add new leaves or some helper springs to the existing ones. For other types, such as coil springs, you can purchase supports for your existing springs or purchase a heavy-duty replacement version.

Add a Torsion Bar

Those who often carry heavy items in the backs of their trucks often find it beneficial to install torsion bars. A torsion bar allows you to adjust the height of your truck’s front wheels in order to keep it level with the back of the truck. That way, when the back of your truck is empty and light, the front can be raised to match the back.