Ways To Increase Efficiency on Your Farm

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Ways To Increase Efficiency on Your Farm

Farming may seem like fun work, but it’s tough. Waking up early, repeating the same jobs no matter how basic or monotonous, and waiting for crops to grow or livestock to produce their goods along with all the work needed to do so is physically and mentally exhausting. However, there are ways to save time and energy, as well as increase crop and livestock yields. Here are some ways to increase efficiency on your farm that you must consider.

Update Your Tech

Farming management software (FMS) is a great way to boost productivity at your farm. As with any business, management software ensures real-time feedback and data analysis so you can manage all inputs, outputs, expenses, and shortcomings. Managers keep track of crops, livestock, employees, and other important data points through one convenient system. Furthermore, these metrics reduce time, energy, and resources that would otherwise hinder production.

Use Better Structure Materials

Another simple way to increase efficiency on your farm is to use better structure materials. Typically, farmers opt for wood, concrete, and steel in their structures. Yet, these materials break, crack, and rust under strenuous wear. HDPE plastic lumber is a sufficient agricultural alternative that offers durable, resilient, weather and pest-resistance for your buildings. Rather than continue to repair broken structures, HDPE plastic lumber saves time and money you can use elsewhere. Better yet, it’s versatile. Use plastic wood for livestock enclosures, crop silos, or equipment sheds. No matter what, the durability, versatility, and flexibility it provides will boost your farm’s productivity in no time.

Mechanize Daily Operations

Finally, consider optimizing mechanization for planting, harvests, and livestock. Farming by hand is tough work. Why waste time when a row crop planter does the work for you in considerably less time and with unmatched precision? Harvesters can save much-needed time, too. They harvest hundreds of crops in a single hour. Automation and machines aren’t limited to crops, though. Consider an automatic livestock feeder to control the weight of your animals and automate feeding time. You can schedule frequent smaller meals or fewer, larger meals throughout the day. Since automatic feeders distribute the same amount of food each day, you save on food costs and can address other jobs around the farm with the extra free time.