Ways To Make a Used Truck Look Brand New

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Ways To Make a Used Truck Look Brand New

Getting a new vehicle is exciting given the new technologies and designs in trucks today, but sometimes you just can’t let go of that old but reliable truck sitting in your garage. Fortunately, you don’t need to. There are several ways to make a used truck look brand new and restore the jaw-dropping aesthetic it once had. Whether you plan to trade yours in or just want to upgrade it for better driving, these tips will help.

Replace the Floor Mats

Floor mats are cheap and easily replaceable. They’re also some of the most worn-out pieces in a truck given the amount of dirt, dust, and grime that often covers it on a daily basis. As a quick do-it-yourself auto project, replace your worn-out floor mats with new ones. If you used cloth mats before, consider rubber all-weather mats instead. These are more durable, and they prevent grime and debris from penetrating your truck’s floor.

Clean or Replace the Seat Covers

Cleaning seat covers is also relatively easy. With a little upholstery shampoo, a dishrag, and some elbow grease, you can make older cloth or leather seats look brand new. Clean the interior twice a year or as needed for continual cleanliness. Depending on the current state of your seat covers, simply replacing them might save you more time and money.

Touch Up the Paint

Again, depending on the state of your current pickup truck, you can either touch up the paint with an applicator or completely repaint the exterior. The former is most cost effective, but it’s used mainly for small projects, while the latter gives your truck a brand-new look and finish—at a higher price point. Assuming your truck has only small dents or scratches, a touch-up paint applicator will easily hide those, giving your truck an all-around clean look. A full new paint job adds more customization, so even if you plan to keep your truck, you can change the exterior look with just a fresh paint coat.

Get New Tires and Wheels

The last way to make your old truck look brand new is to get new tires or wheels. It’s important to replace tires approximately every 6 years or every 25,000 to 50,000 miles. Otherwise, you risk the tires losing their tread and causing improper handling. You can even change out the type of tire, such all-terrain or mud tires instead of all-season tires, to make your truck look even more aggressive.

A costlier but equally impressive detail is new wheels. New wheels are especially helpful for older vehicles that have seen much use during their years. New wheels offer a fresh cosmetic look as well as functional improvement for better, safer driving.