Ways To Prevent Your Car From Overheating This Summer

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Ways To Prevent Your Car From Overheating This Summer

When getting back into the summer swing of things, chores like car maintenance are usually at the back of people’s minds. However, your car is going through the wringer between the vacation trips and driving the kids to wherever they need to be. To help you out this season, here are some ways to prevent your car from overheating this summer.

Keep Your Cabin Cool

Your car’s interior is bound to get hot when parked outside in the sun for long periods of time. To help negate the effects, it is a good idea to park in the shade to reduce the amount of exposure to the sun. Along with this, keeping the windows slightly ajar allows hot air to escape more swiftly. For the most part, doing anything to reduce the amount of sunlight that gets into the car when it is left alone is just as good for the inner components. Consider tinting your windows and purchasing blockers to help maintain a lower temperature for a longer time.

Flush Your Radiator

Every 40,000 miles or so, your radiator deserves a clean flush to maintain the quality of its coolant levels. This is because your coolant fluid is bound to get dirty after long periods of usage. This eventually affects the efficiency with which it performs its function in lowering your radiator’s temperature. Normally a mechanic is able to flush a radiator easily, but if you are able to do so yourself, make sure to check your owner’s manual for specifications on how often to do so.

Turn On the Heat

This might seem counterintuitive at first, but turning on the heat before getting in your car helps cool the engine. This isn’t immediately a great fix for a dirty air filter that makes airflow difficult, but releasing the hot air in your engine area is still useful. This is particularly useful when you are preparing your vehicle for longer drives. This is a great way of testing one of many common reasons that prevent your car from starting and helping your engine out if it is the underlying cause.

Summer is a great time to let loose and has some fun. Remembering to take care of your car amid all that excitement allows you to create lasting memories with your family while preventing any hiccups. By considering these ways to prevent your car from overheating this summer, you can prepare to stop the heat from tampering too much with your vehicle’s condition.