What Are the Best Fish To Catch in Miami?

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What Are the Best Fish To Catch in Miami?

Enjoying the night scene in Miami may not sound as exciting the older you get. However, there are still plenty of activities you can enjoy in the Magic City. One of those activities is taking a boat out and going big-game fishing or visiting one of the city’s many streams to find smaller options. So what are the best fish to catch in Miami? Read on to find out.


One of Miami’s most ferocious game fish, the bass, rules the canals and rivers. You can spot them around submerged buildings, rocks, or bridge pilings. Largemouth bass and peacock bass are plentiful and renowned for fighting aggressively. Largemouth bass can weigh between 5 and 15 pounds. On the other hand, peacock bass can mature to 10 to 36 inches long, contingent on the subspecies.


Bonefish aren’t your typical game fish, since they demand your patience, quickness, precision. They’re thin, swift, and ghostly, so they’re usually only appealing to specific types of anglers. The usual size of bonefish in Miami is 4 to 6 pounds, although Florida’s largest documented bonefish was nearly triple that. These fish typically congregate in flats and shallow areas barely below the surface. 


Mackerel are a tasty fish abundant in Miami. You should notice them relatively quickly, considering they travel in schools. Usually, mackerel gather around reeds and wrecks both offshore and nearshore. A king mackerel, on average, will weight anywhere between 10 and 20 pounds. 

Sea Trout

Sea trout in Miami assemble near mangroves and in shallow seas, shell reefs, grass flatlands, and marshes. They typically come on the smaller size, weighing fewer than 5 pounds and usually not even 10 inches long—although some have grown close to 40 inches long. Sea trout spawning season is 8 months long, between March and November, so they’re prime targets in the middle of summer. 


Redfish are currently under a catch-and-release order, but they’re still enjoyable to reel in. These lovely creatures are also known as channel bass or rat redfish. The standard redfish hovers around 10 pounds; however, a particularly hefty redfish once weighed in at a hair over 50 pounds.


With their vibrant green and blue colors, dolphinfish are beautiful. They’re also fierce competitors, with spectacular aerial displays and powerful pulls when cornered. Most importantly, they’re delicious. Their solid white flesh is mild and somewhat sweet, making them ideal targets if you want to consume what you catch.

Dolphinfish are popular in Miami from April through August, and they hang around until October, making them the perfect summer delicacies. 

By knowing the essentials you need to bring on your fishing trip and the best fish to catch in Miami, you should have a wonderful time. Remember to abide by all the rules and regulations to stay safe!