What Are the Top Causes of Construction Accidents?

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What Are the Top Causes of Construction Accidents?

The construction industry is a notoriously dangerous industry to work in. On a construction site, hazards like falling items and live wires surround you—but which of these hazards are most likely to result in an accident? If you want to know what the top causes of construction accidents are, read on. We discuss the Fatal Four, which combined account for the lion’s share of job site accidents.

Trips and Falls

Trips and falls are the top causes of injury for most industries. But in construction, trips and falls are especially risky, as many workers spend most of their time working hundreds of feet off the ground.


Another top cause of construction accidents is electrocution. Construction workers often work around live wires and electricity. All it takes is one touch to get shocked. Most shocks come from contact with overhead, buried, or fallen power lines; negligently exposed outlets and wiring; or malfunctioning machinery.

Strikes From Moving Items

These types of accidents are also common on construction sites. While falling items like scaffolding and lumber are the usual causes, freely rolling, swinging, or flying items can also hit workers and cause injury. The severity of an injury typically depends on how quickly the item in question moved or the height it fell from.


Also known as caught-in accidents, crushing is the last cause of construction site injury we’ll discuss. This kind of accident occurs when a worker becomes trapped between two items or buried beneath items. While improper training can cause these accidents, they can also happen due to improperly maintained or secured machinery or walls, trenches, and excavation sites lacking proper support.

Construction work can be perilous, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to injury. When you take proper safety measures and stay alert, you can avoid common job site accidents and stay safe.