What CBD Can Do For Your Health

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

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There are many reasons people decide to use CBD and most of these are health-related. CBD (cannabidiol) is usually in the form of oil, you can take a few drops under your tongue, eat it in gummy form or drip it into your tea. If you didn’t know, CBD comes from the hemp plant and is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is commonly used for relaxation. Not only can it treat anxiety and depression, but there are multiple different benefits CBD can have. If you haven’t tried it out yet, maybe now is the time to get started! Here are some of the ways CBD can help us … 

It can act as a pain reliever 

Marijuana has been prescribed to treat pain and help those who are stressed relax, but it has now been proven that taking CBD without the psychoactive cannabinoid also works just as well. We have an endocannabinoid system in our body that helps regulate sleep, appetite, pain, and our immune system responses. When CBD is taken, endocannabinoids receptors are impacted and consequently, inflammation in the body is reduced. Studies have proven how effective taking CBD can be for minimizing pain and if you’d like more information, you can use trusted sources such as CFAH.org

Might benefit heart health 

More human studies are needed to prove this, but there is definitely a correlation between heart health and taking CBD. Research has indicated CBD benefits the heart and the circulatory system, this includes lowering blood pressure. Anything that will help lower high blood pressure is a positive as it’s linked to higher risks such as heart attacks and strokes. It’s the stress and anxiety-reducing properties in the CBD that help to lower blood pressure.

Reduces anxiety and depression 

Anxiety and depression are commonly experienced together and unfortunately aren’t rare to experience at least once in your lifetime. Mental health disorders can have a devastating impact on everyday life and the well-being of sufferers, therefore, finding successful ways to deal with them can be essential. CBD is one option, it has been proven to help anxiety and depression in a natural way. When tested on animals it clearly indicates an anti-depressant effect. It most likely has an effect on serotonin, the neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behaviors. 

Helps to improve your skin and maintain a healthy complexion

Not only can CBD help with mental health, heart health and act as pain relief, but also with skin health. It has been linked to helping reduce acne and the break out of spots that are caused by genetics, inflammation, oily skin and more. It is the anti-inflammatory properties in the CBD that target spots and reduce inflammation. There will be more scientific research around this topic in the future. 

Can CBD cause side effects? 

Despite all the good things CBD can do for your health, it is worth remembering you could experience negative side effects as well. Although it is considered safe, you may experience some side effects like fatigue, changes in appetite, or diarrhea but most users don’t report these. You will only need to discuss using it with a doctor if you are on other medication. 

Now you know how effective CBD can be for all different types of health problems, we recommend trying it if you haven’t already. The great thing about it is you don’t have to take a specific amount, just a few drops throughout the day will help target the health issue you’d like to focus on. When you buy your bottle of CBD you will get more information on dosage.