What Health Issues Your Senior Parents Face

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What Health Issues Your Senior Parents Face

As people age, their faculties begin to fade; the severity of decline varies from person to person, but everyone experiences health issues to some degree. Because of these increasing problems, it’s critical to know what health issues your senior parents face on a daily basis. This knowledge allows you to help them when they need it and assist them with making the necessary lifestyle changes to keep them safe and comfortable.

Balance Issues

A person’s equilibrium can deteriorate with age, making it harder for them to maintain their balance while walking and, in extreme cases, making it hard to stand. As a result of this imbalance, it increases the chance of falling, which is one of the most common threats seniors face daily.

To mitigate the dangers of balance issues, your parents may need walking canes to keep them steady. Otherwise, if the problem gets to a point where canes offer little assistance, you will need to invest in a walker or wheelchair.

Hearing Loss

Hearing is a critical aspect of everyday life and is something seniors often have trouble with as they age. They may not be able to hear alarms, the phone ringing, or the doorbell, isolating them and serving as an obstacle in times of emergency.

In many cases, doctors prescribe a hearing aid when hearing loss is significant, but a hearing aid is not necessary for everyone with hearing issues. Be aware of what personal amplifiers are and the ways they can help your senior parents. Consult with their general practitioner to find out whether they need a hearing aid or if they only need a sound amplifier.

Oral Health

Everyday hygiene can become more challenging as people age, negatively affecting their health. One of the most common declines in hygienic health comes from oral care; neglecting oral health is all too common. Besides the physical pain your parents may experience, it can also prove difficult to eat, as the pain may encourage them to eat less.

Ask them if their teeth or jaw hurts and take them to a dentist to make sure everything is healthy. Your parents’ dentist may also discover growing problems, such as developing cavities and the onset of gingivitis, allowing you to prevent further damage.

Know Their Needs

Always be aware of the health issues your senior parents experience and any emerging problems. Catching medical issues early reduces the severity of the negative impact it will have on their lives, significantly improving their quality of life.