What Time of Year Is Worst for Mold Growth?

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What Time of Year Is Worst for Mold Growth?

No homeowner wants to discover mold in their home. Have you ever compared the common conditions for mold growth with the weather and seasons? Well, today, we’ll answer the question, “What time of year is worst for mold growth?” and unfortunately, it may be closer than you think.

Mold Season

Mold season typically takes place from early spring through early fall, with a peak in the late summer months. This is due to the high temperatures in many areas during the late summer months. Warm areas with high humidity possess the perfect conditions for mold growth. This is why late summer begins the period of peak mold growth, due to the high temperatures and periods of humidity.

Dangers of Seasonal Mold

Because periods of mold growth are common over a few different seasons, it’s hard to distinguish between seasonal allergies and mold-related allergies. For example, the highest risk for mold growth occurs in late summer. So some people may start to experience mold-related allergies and attribute it to the coming fall season. This situation is dangerous because mold allergies can be severe in those who are allergic, have asthma, or have a weakened immune system. This is why it’s important to know the different symptoms of each.

How To Prevent Seasonal Mold

To combat seasonal mold in your home, you should know about home humidity levels and how to identify them. Set up a dehumidifier, especially if you live in a particularly humid climate or have a problem area of your home. Many dehumidifier systems should give you a reading of the humidity levels of your home, which you want to keep between 30 percent and 50 percent during most parts of the year.

During rainy periods, make sure you check for blockages in your gutters and other runoff areas around your home. This can help make sure water doesn’t seep into your foundation or other areas of your house, which is another common cause of mold growth.

Know what to watch out for since the seasons, weather, and more can affect mold growth. You can better protect your home now that you know what time of year is worst for mold growth.