What To Expect at Regular Teeth Cleaning Appointments

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What To Expect at Regular Teeth Cleaning Appointments

Teeth cleaning appointments with your dentist are imperative for oral health. These appointments typically take place twice a year or every six months. This brief guide provides you with what you can expect from these regular teeth cleaning appointments. If you are not participating in routine cleanings, now is the time to prepare yourself!

Polishing & Cleaning

The portion of your appointment that will take up the most time is the actual cleaning and polishing process. First, the dental assistant or hygienist will use a scraper tool to remove as much plaque from your teeth as possible before scrubbing them with high-grade toothpaste on a polisher. The hygienist will take their time polishing each individual tooth, front and back, with an electric tool to remove plaque and potentially tartar.

Teeth Flossing

After the cleaning, it’s time for a proper flossing session. The assistant or hygienist will take a string of floss and work it between each tooth for a deeper clean to remove even more plaque, tartar, and food build-up. Flossing is necessary because it benefits your gum health, too.

Fluoride Treatment

You can expect a fluoride treatment at every regular teeth cleaning appointment. This treatment strengthens your teeth and enamel while fighting off decay and cavities. Your dentist will fill a tray with the fluoride gel and place it in your mouth for no longer than five minutes. The fluoride at a dental office is much stronger than a store-bought mouthwash, which is a significant reason why regular teeth cleanings are necessary.

X-Rays & Exams

Not only will you receive a teeth cleaning, but you will also receive an oral exam and have X-rays of your mouth taken. A dentist will examine your teeth and gums for complications, cavities, and decay. X-rays are necessary from time to time to ensure no teeth are shifting or crowding your mouth. Don’t expect X-rays for every appointment; this is generally done once a year.

Again, you must schedule a teeth cleaning appointment every six months to keep up with your oral health. If you do not participate in this treatment, you might be unable to catch cavities or any other complications with your dental hygiene. Call your dental provider and schedule an appointment today!