What You Need To Create a Solar Power System

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What You Need To Create a Solar Power System

Solar panel technology is more accessible than ever these days. Many homeowners are electing to reduce their energy consumption and lower their power bills by converting to solar energy. Whether you want to create a partial backup system or make a move toward getting completely off the grid, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to create a solar power system and start living your greener life today.

Solar Panels

Naturally, a solar panel system requires solar panels. These panels, also known as voltaic cells, absorb solar energy and convert it into electricity. These panels come in many different sizes and shapes to fit nearly any home or RV.

Charge Controller/Regulator

The charge controller is one of the most underappreciated components of your solar panel system. After your panels convert the solar energy to electricity, the controller ensures that power is at a safe and steady voltage and frequency. This is so the power doesn’t overload your system or cause potential damage like sparks or electrical fires. The regulator also moves the electrical current from the panels to the battery.


When looking at what you need to create a solar power system, the battery is what ensures you still have power when the sun is down. There are solar power systems that don’t use batteries, but those rely on active sunlight. Therefore, the industry standard for modern systems is to have a lithium-ion battery bank. How lithium-ion battery banks work is ensure you have ample, reliable electricity during the nighttime hours or on particularly cloudy days.


The last essential device you need when putting together a solar panel system is the inverter. Like how the charge controller acts as a guide from the panel to the battery, the inverter works between the battery and your home’s electrical system. The inverter helps convert the DC power from your battery banks into usable AC power for your home appliances and devices.

These four devices are the building blocks of a solar system and come in many styles and varieties to suit your needs. By remembering these vital functions, you can create your home’s ideal sustainable power grid.