What You’ll Need To Recover From Breast Surgery

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What You’ll Need To Recover From Breast Surgery

There’s a lot to plan before undergoing surgery. Scheduling time off work, contacting family members, and researching your procedure are all incredibly time-consuming. If you’ve had no time to stock up on post-surgical essentials, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn what you’ll need to recover from breast surgery.   

Compression garments

After your procedure, you’ll head home in a post-surgical bra. These bras are essential for protecting your surgical sites from infection. As your body slowly begins to heal from surgery, consult with your doctor about other types of compression bras and garments to wear throughout your recovery.

According to Cleveland clinic, compress garments are sometimes highly beneficial for improving the circulation around your surgical sites and managing common post-surgical conditions, such as lymphedema.    

Digital Thermometer

Checking your temperature consistently after surgery is essential. If your temperature rapidly increases after your procedure, you may have an infection. If you have any signs of symptoms of post-surgical infection, contact your doctor immediately.

Loose Clothing

Comfort is the key to your recovery. Before your procedure, stock up on the most comfortable and loosest clothing you can find. Loose clothing will prevent fabrics from clinging uncomfortably to your tender chest, and these garments will make getting dressed simpler. For inspiration on the best clothes to wear after breast surgery, review our list below.

What To Wear After Breast Surgery

  • Front Zipper Jackets
  • Front Button Shirts
  • Loose T-Shirts
  • Sweatpants

Ice Packs and Heat Pads  

Along with the prescribed medication from your doctor, ice packs and heating pads are necessary to help make your recovery more comfortable. Depending on the type of pain you experience after surgery, your doctor may recommend using one of these items over the other. 

A Caretaker  

If you are stressed and utterly lost in figuring out what you’ll need to recover from breast surgery, start with a designated caretaker. Having someone to take care of you after surgery is vital. Reach out to trusted members of your friends and family to ensure that someone will watch over you while you recover.

Caretakers will drive you home from the hospital, cook meals, and help you bathe safely. Having the love and support of your friends and family will help your recovery significantly. 

Preparing for surgery is stressful, but it’s also necessary. Review our guide of things you’ll need to recover from breast surgery to help make your healing more seamless.