Which Should You Buy: An Electric or Gas Golf Cart?

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Which Should You Buy: An Electric or Gas Golf Cart?

If you’ve decided to purchase a golf cart, you’ve probably been doing some research on what kind to get. One of the main things you’ll need to decide is what you’d like your golf cart to run on. So, which should you buy: an electric or gas golf cart? Read on to learn which is the best choice for you.

Initial Cost

The first thing you’ll want to consider when choosing between an electric or gas golf cart is the initial purchase price of each type. In general, the prices of electric and gas-powered golf carts are fairly similar, but electric models are often slightly less expensive. Regardless of the type you choose, golf cart prices will vary from model to model.


Maintenance is the area in which electric and gas golf carts begin to differ significantly. Electric golf carts operate on batteries, which will need to be recharged regularly. You may also need to replace the battery every few years. Gas golf carts run on gas and will need to be refueled often. If you drive your gas golf cart frequently, gas prices can begin to add up. Both types of carts will need regular maintenance to their other parts, including the wheels, suspension, and body.

Speed and Performance

Electric golf carts usually have higher top speeds and faster acceleration than gas golf carts. On the flip side, gas golf carts have more horsepower and are more powerful than electric golf carts. Evaluate your needs and decide whether speed or power is more important to you.


Gas golf carts are much noisier during operation than electric golf carts. If you need a quiet golf cart, electric is the way to go.

Environmental Friendliness

If you’re concerned about your golf cart’s effect on the environment, you may want to purchase an electric golf cart rather than a gas one. Due to the combustions required to power a gas golf cart, they emit some fumes. Since they run on batteries, electric golf carts don’t have this issue and are better for the environment.

Once you’ve weighed the pro’s and con’s of each against your needs, you’ll be able to decide whether you should buy an electric or gas golf cart. If you’re looking to buy a used golf cart and aren’t sure which model or type of golf cart it is, be sure to identify the golf cart before purchase. Before you know it, you’ll be puttering around your property or town in your very own golf cart!