Why Construction Workers Need To Protect Their Hands

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Why Construction Workers Need To Protect Their Hands

When on a construction site, one of the most important pieces of PPE for workers is the pair of gloves that protect their hands. However, many people don’t realize why this protection is so important compared to other PPE garments. Here’s why construction workers need to protect their hands.

Hazardous Environments

Construction sites are rife with hazards. Heavy machinery, dangerous tools, sharp materials, and more can easily cause cuts, abrasions, and other damages to unprotected hands. Not only is it easy to injure your hands working construction, but one injury could potentially cripple you or greatly reduce your ability to work if your hands come to harm. With the proper cut-resistant work gloves on, you’ll never have to worry about cuts and abrasions due to the protective materials.

Another aspect to consider is the weather. When rain passes through, the site will become wet and slick. Work gloves can help you retain a strong grip on tools and machinery without worrying that your hand will slip. Heavier-duty gloves are also great for keeping hands warm and functioning when workers endure cold weather.

Absorbing Vibrations

Another reason why construction workers need to protect their hands is that workers often expose themselves to vibrations for long periods. While vibrations may not seem like a big deal—just a weird feeling that goes away—they can eventually lead to permanent damage. The vibrations damage the nerve endings, blood vessels, and muscles within your hands if you experience vibrations constantly. This causes a condition often called “White Finger,” where blood struggles to circulate in your hands, resulting in a permanent feeling of numbness and greater difficulty using and moving your hands.

Improved Performance

Besides making up for weather conditions, protective gloves can also help enhance your performance. Greater grip strength, protection from friction, and prevention of hand fatigue are a few of these benefits. It’s a misconception that gloves simply hinder your fine motor skills. Modern work gloves have improved vastly to provide as much safety as possible without detracting from your hand’s dexterity, so there’s no excuse not to give yourself the protection you need.