Why Permeable Pavement is the Future of Construction

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Why Permeable Pavement is the Future of Construction

Materials like concrete, asphalt, and stone are staples in any city—making up the bulk of construction materials when it comes to walkways, roads, parking lots, and buildings. The big problem with paving over the land, however, is that concrete jungles have serious environmental impacts. Permeable pavement is the future of construction, despite the myths surrounding permeable paving. Allow us to go into detail to sort facts from fiction and explain what permeable materials have to offer.

Draining Stormwater

The biggest boon of permeable pavement is that it provides a more efficient and healthier way of draining stormwater. Sewage drains require a municipality’s infrastructure to direct the water to a certain point, and that can cause large pools of water to form and slowly drain. With permeable pavement, stormwater is simply absorbed and returns to the soil below. This makes entire roads or sidewalks their own drains and will ensure water is removed as efficiently as possible.

Protecting the Environment

Another big reason why permeable pavement is the future of construction is that it’s less impactful on the environment. By allowing the water to drain where it falls, clean water returns to the surrounding environment, which makes the ecosystem healthier and lusher. Water headed toward sewer drains picks up all sorts of pollutants on its way, making it toxic when it does return to the environment.

Once the permeable concrete or asphalt wears down or breaks, it can be recycled into porous aggregate and used again for other projects.

Application Versatility

Speaking of reusing, permeable pavement is versatile in its application and comes in many forms. Loose-fill aggregate is a great way to protect gardens and natural features without suffocating the roots below. Permeable interlocking pavers like bricks make visually stunning designs without losing any practicality. With so many different forms, permeable pavement is valuable for a wide range of applications without compromising the design.