Why Storage Units Aren’t Worth the Money

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Why Storage Units Aren’t Worth the Money

All of us have some things that we just can’t figure out what to do with. Do we sell these unwanted items? Do we donate them somewhere? The right choice varies from person to person, but one choice that is rarely the right one is to keep it in a storage unit. Storage units seem like a nice idea on paper, but the reality of renting one is hardly what you expect. We’re going to go through why storage units aren’t worth the money so you can save yourself some time and cash.

They Aren’t Convenient

At first, you may like the idea of a place where you can keep things you don’t immediately need. However, storage units are hardly ever located in convenient places. If you need to get something out of one, you’ll probably have to make an entire trip out of it. If it’s too much hassle to actually go to the storage unit to get what you need, you won’t go at all.

They Often Have Hidden Fees

Don’t immediately believe the prices you see online. Storage units usually have all kinds of add-ons to sell you, and the basic package is barely worth your time. Here are just a few possible fees you may have to pay:

  • Mandatory insurance fees
  • Unit setup fees
  • Fees to get a better lock
  • Fees to get a unit in a more convenient location

By the time you add them all up, you’re most likely way over your budget, and it just isn’t worth all that money.

Most of the Contents Will Depreciate

If you currently have a storage unit, cleaning it out now will probably net you more in returns than waiting until later. This is because, unless you’re storing rare and valuable objects, everything in your storage unit is just sitting there, wasting away. You’re paying to store things that are losing value! You’re much better off deciding to sell your possessions sooner rather than later if you want to get the most out of them.

You May End Up Buying More

Knowing that you have a storage unit on standby might just change up your spending habits. Storage units aren’t worth the money because you’ll end up buying things you don’t need and putting the old stuff in your storage unit. This is a waste of your time since you’re better off either keeping what you already have or selling the older version of what you just bought.