Why Vaccinated People Should Wear Compression Socks

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

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By Jennifer DiSipio, Owner of Senior Doodads

The rumor came out a couple of weeks ago that vaccinated people wouldn’t be able to fly due to their risk of developing blood clots, as this risk also increases with flying.  While this rumor has been debunked, it is a good habit to wear compression socks if you are flying.  

The types of clots that some are developing after the vaccine shots (thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome) are different from the clots you can develop while being stationary for long periods (deep vein thrombosis).  But this is a great reminder that everyone should wear compression socks while traveling, or sitting for long periods.  

The fear when traveling, or being stationary for long periods of time, is developing a DVT, or deep vein thrombosis. This risk especially goes up when you’re over age 40. Even as you age and often become more sedentary, the blood pools in your legs making it more likely to clot. These compression socks assist in returning the blood up your legs to your body to circulate. When my patients are skeptical, I often share the story of David Bloom, an American journalist who developed a DVT while riding in a tank for long periods covering the war in Iraq. That advanced into a pulmonary embolism and he died, at age 40.

If you are traveling, or sitting for long periods, besides wearing your compression socks, you can keep your ankles pumping while you are sitting. Park at the far end of the rest stop and walk every 2 hours during your trip. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.

I had a long weekend of travel over Memorial Day, a 16 hour car ride and a flight back home. So I picked up two pair of compression socks because they caught my eye on how cute they are. No need to suffer for fashion while I am traveling!  They were so comfortable, so supportive and yet freeing. It reminded me of my elementary school days of wearing knee socks, after all, I’ve lived in Florida and have worn footies for 20 years. I think that alone brought me relief and nostalgia.

These compression socks are made with graduated compression starting at the ankle and moving up. This increases circulation of blood back into your legs. These socks are FDA approved also. The compression decreases swelling, achiness, fatigue and discomfort, everything I needed while traveling. My legs felt energized at the end of my trip, not sluggish from the long ride.

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Whether you are vaccinated, or unvaccinated, it is a good practice to wear compression socks while traveling.  Pick yourself up a pair and just feel the difference.