Why You Should Consider Planning Your Own Funeral

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Why You Should Consider Planning Your Own Funeral

As a responsible adult, you have likely prepared your estate plan, outlining what happens to your money, your home, and your possessions. But failing to outline your specific wishes about the disposition of your body places an undue burden on your family.

You may think, “Hey, I won’t be there, so what’s the big deal? A funeral is for the family, not for me.” But those you leave behind will appreciate your forethought to help guide their decisions in the aftermath of losing you. Learn more about why you should consider planning your own funeral.

Preclude Family Conflict

Even in the most congenial families, disagreements occur. And if your family is famously contentious, some conflict will most likely occur.

Planning your own funeral provides a roadmap of your wishes that family members can point to should disagreements occur. A funeral or memorial service should be a respectful celebration of your life, not another opportunity for sibling rivalry or in-law fighting.

Financial Preparation and Cost Savings

Pre-planning a funeral also gives you time to set aside funds specifically earmarked toward funeral expenses. It also gives you the opportunity to shop for the best prices. Prices from funeral providers can vary widely, and headstones, caskets, and floral arrangements come in a broad price range. Pre-planning a funeral may even afford you discounts or the chance to lock in prices for services.

Stress Relief for Your Family and Peace of Mind for You

People in the throes of grief are vulnerable. As they’re under pressure, they may choose expensive funeral options that they can’t afford.

When you pre-plan your own funeral, it relieves your family of the burden of making important decisions in the midst of shock and grief. It also gives you peace of mind that your family won’t have to educate themselves about things like the difference between full-service and direct cremation while dealing with their loss.

There are many reasons to consider planning your own funeral, but ensuring that your family follows your wishes, avoiding conflict, and minimizing the financial impact are three of the best.