Ziplining Offers Thrill of Lifetime

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

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heights smallerBy Donna Holder
Founder of Historic Banning Mills, home of the Screaming Eagle Zipline Canopy Tours

Zip line canopy tours used to be few and far between in the not so distant past. If someone wanted to experience one, it meant heading to South America. Now zipline canopy tours are popping up all over the United States, and they are the hot new adrenalin rush adventure. Seeking to overcome a fear of heights or marking off another item on that “bucket list,” zipline canopy tours are lots of fun and available to most people ages 9 to 95.

With so many to choose from, where does one start? First, be sure the tour chosen is safe. Look for Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) membership. ACCT is the professional organization that sets strict standards for safety and construction. A facility that meets these guidelines must also have rigorous inspections of the course and its equipment. Ask, too, about the training and experience of the tour guides. These men and women work with participants throughout the entire tour, so expertise is critical to safety and enjoyment.

Second, look at what is really offered. Many courses use fancy words like “ultimate,” “best” or “largest.” However, when one does a little research into the details, they will find that some facilities have much more to offer than others.

We set out to truly measure the largest course and came up with two: The Screaming Eagle Zipline Canopy Tours at Historic Banning Mills in Whitesburg, Ga., and Miss Sky Tours in Costa Rica.

While the Costa Rica course also is good, we have more knowledge about the course we founded. The Screaming Eagle tour really is the largest, continuous course in the world. At more than 7 ½ miles of course and more than 40 ziplines and 42 sky walks, a guest can be on the course from two to eight hours without repeating any elements. The All-Day Rush, for example, takes participants on high speed zip lines, half-mile long zip lines, bridges that crossed a river and gorge with amazing views and beautiful, historic scenery.

Also note other on-site adventures available. Historic Banning Mills also offers the Free FALL, among the additional options. The Free FALL is a 10-foot platform from which participants jump, speeding downward to a smooth, comfortable landing on the ground.

So when one turns to that bucket list to check off another item, head to Historic Banning Mills for a safe and fun thrill of a lifetime.

For information and/or reservations, visit or call 770-834-9149.