Benefits of Always Carrying a Pocketknife on You

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Benefits of Always Carrying a Pocketknife on You

Everyday pocketknives are useful to have on your person for completing various tasks. There are many times throughout your day when you could use a knife, from making quick cuts indoors to completing outdoor activities and tasks. Here are some of the applications and benefits of always carrying a pocketknife.

Convenient Cutting Tool

One of the biggest reasons that people carry pocketknives on their person all day is for the convenience they provide. We’ve all come across a piece of packaging that was particularly difficult to open or a box that was sealed up tight. Everyday knives make easy work of opening these items, saving you the headache of trying to force the packaging off them. Pocket knives even come in handy for quickly cutting through envelopes, paper packaging, and gift wrapping.

Promote Safety in Emergency Situations

Carrying a knife on your person for defense can help you feel safer and be prepared for emergencies. Whether you need to cut a seat belt, rope, tangled harness, wires, or more, having a knife available can help you prepare for emergency and survival situations. A blade is also useful for cutting bandages, building shelters, and performing other survival skills. You may want to include a sanitized pocketknife in your first aid kit for just this reason.

Perfect Tool for Outdoor Activities

Many outdoor field guides recommend carrying a knife for a variety of outdoor activities. From camping to fishing and everything in between, there are many instances when having a knife or a blade can help you out of sticky situations. For example, when fishing, you may need to cut your line or hook after it tangles in nearby weeds or driftwood. Alternatively, you can use a knife for camping activities such as preparing kindling, cutting rope, or making food. Many campers never leave home without their trusty pocketknife or EDC knife.

If you’re planning any outdoor excursions this summer, remember these benefits of carrying a pocketknife on you. Learn the differences between pocket knives, tactical knives, and other types of knives to determine which type of blade is best for your applications and needs.