Best Practices for Metal Fabrication Safety

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Best Practices for Metal Fabrication Safety

When working in metal fabrication, you can face many risks. You and others must follow safety protocols at all times. Maintaining best practices for metal fabrication safety in your shop is essential to everyone’s well-being; protect those in your shop with the right gear and rules.

Safety Gear

Ensure you and everyone in the shop have the proper safety equipment. Wear it throughout the metal fabrication process; there’s no exception to breaking this rule. Every employee in the shop should have:

  • Safety goggles
  • Ear protection
  • Safety gloves
  • Headwear

Many of the tools are loud, so you must protect your ears. By requiring employees to wear gloves and goggles, everyone can avoid splinters or more serious injuries.

Proper Clothing

Wearing the appropriate clothing is just as crucial as having safety gear, especially because loose clothing could get stuck in a machine. Moreover, employees with long hair should keep it tied back to prevent this same mishap.

Those working in metal fabrication should wear clothing that keeps their bodies covered—including long-sleeve shirts and long pants, as this may help prevent injury.

Quality Equipment

Some of the best practices for metal fabrication safety involve keeping the right equipment in your shop and maintaining tools. Make sure you buy quality equipment and replace or fix tools that begin failing.

Maintain Shop Rules

Your shop should provide proper training, rules, and organization. This ensures employee safety and an understanding of the job. When new employees join the team, welcome them with a training program. Have them shadow a seasoned employee so they gain insight into how the tools work.

Additionally, establish an organizational system for tools, whether it’s based on color or usage. This ensures it’s always in the proper location. Establish rules based on these practices and hold employees accountable. You must implement repercussions for employees that fail to wear safety goggles or break the rules.