Common Safety Risks on Construction Sites

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Common Safety Risks on Construction Sites

In an ideal world, construction would be risk-free. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. All construction workers need to know the common safety risks on construction sites to prevent severe injury or possible death. After you read these risks, diligently follow and memorize your job’s safety procedures for your protection.

Fallen and Can’t Get Up

Most construction jobs will require you to work at great heights. To reduce the risk of falling, workers should wear proper protective equipment. Pair this equipment with a safety net after you strap yourself with the standard safety harness.

While the harness will work well to keep you from falling, we recognize that accidents do happen and are sometimes unavoidable. The safety net acts as an additional precaution if your harness has a mishap. Lastly, ensure the stability of your aerial work surfaces, such as guardrails, to prevent stepping off the platform.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Remember, you expose yourself to several types of hazardous fires working in construction. Familiarize yourself with these hazards to better understand necessary preventive measures. The more you know, the better. Knowledge is always power.

The equipment and materials you use can ignite fires easily. An electrical fire can break out if you operate damaged electrical equipment. Some of the materials you use can spontaneously combust as well. Ensure you update your materials and adequately manage your materials for the job.

Take Five

Each assignment and projection on the site will take a while to accomplish. You’ll find your body making the same motions repeatedly, which can cause cramping and strain. Take frequent breaks to prevent repetitive motion.

Implement job rotation so all workers can equally exercise all parts of their body. You’ll prevent excess strain on your muscles, resulting in possible tearing. Stretch if you need to during your breaks.

Quiet on the Site

If you don’t take care of your ears while working, you can severely damage your hearing over time. If there were a way to operate a construction site in complete silence, it would have happened by now. Noise comes with the job, but you don’t need to expose yourself to it constantly.

Invest in some earplugs or noise-canceling earmuffs. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t cancel out all noise, as someone may need your attention. Be mindful of the people around you and stay alert in an emergency.

Accidents can still occur, but this guide will better prepare you for any possibilities. Using these tips, you’ll minimize the common safety risks on construction sites.